The .enrich Manifesto

At .enrich our mission is to enrich people’s lives by connecting technology, great people, and great products

Everyone is born differently and life can be unfair sometimes. We believe that true happiness in life comes from a sense of fulfillment and the question of how to achieve that for each and everyone of our users is the only question that the company will focus on solving.
.enrich’s 14 rules are from the Customer Development Manifesto explained in the book The Startup Owner’s Manual (Steve Blank and Bob Dorf) and they are as follows:

  1. There are no facts inside your building, so get outside
  2. Pair customer development with agile development
  3. Failure is an integral part of the search
  4. Make continuous iteration and pivots
  5. No business plan survives first contact with customers so use a business model canvas
  6. Design experiments and tests to validate your hypothesis
  7. Agree on market type. It changes everything
  8. Startup metrics differ from those in existing companies
  9. Fast decision making, cycle time, speed and tempo
  10. It’s all about passion
  11. Startup job titles are very different from a large company’s
  12. Preserve all cash until needed. Then spend
  13. Communicate and share learning
  14. Customer development success begins with buy-in

Finally, each and every of our team members live and breath by the following values:

  • We enrich people’s lives
  • Our end users’ needs decide our products
  • Innovation over rules and processes
  • Never be satisfied of what we are today
  • Appreciate every learning chances
  • Respect for each other
  • JFDI